Brecken Lately

Unfortunately, life got the best of me, so I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks. Eek! Seeing as Brecken is a whopping six months old (and some change) now, and I get a lot of questions regarding different things we are working on, I thought I would share some general updates on how things have been going with him lately.

Six Month Stats:

17 lbs. 6 oz. // 27″


Now, please don’t hate me for saying this, but Brecken has always been an excellent sleeper. Since his first nights home, he has never woken up more than twice to eat. I think I only had one truly bad night during which he woke up a few times and then was up for the day around 6:30am. I actually overslept during most of my leave because he would sleep until between 9-10am! At ten weeks old, he was sleeping through the night. We never even experienced the dreaded four-month-old sleep regression (phew!). He is still sleeping through the night, which we continue to be very grateful for. Even on vacation, his schedule stayed the same. If I knew the secret, I would gladly share, but I think it’s a combination of him and us. I can say that we always “fill up his tank” before we go to bed, even if that means we wake him for a dream feed between 9-10pm.


We started purées around 4.5 months. We did them for a couple of weeks, and Brecken did well. Then, he got sick again. (Ugh! One of the downsides of daycare.) We were more worried about getting him well again, so the purées fell to the wayside. Then, after he got better a few weeks later, we noticed he was grabbing and very interested in our food and drinks. I did some reading up on baby led weaning and decided to focus our efforts on an approach more along those lines instead. Basically, we give him various “table” foods and let him take the lead on feeding himself. Let me be clear and say that he’s not truly eating much at this point. He is great at grabbing and bringing things to his mouth, but he has a ways to go in terms of learning how to swallow solids. He gags when the food hits the back of his throat, which is common while babies are learning to swallow more. It’s scary as a parent to see your baby gag like this. I watch his every move while he eats, and I’m not allowing anyone else to feed him solids yet (i.e., daycare or grandmas). Correction: He does have fruits and veggies at my moms, but only in a mesh feeder. (Those mesh feeders are great, by the way! You can check them out here and here.) He has been doing well with all kinds of foods! Among other things, he enjoys carrots, green beans, apples, bananas, scrambled eggs, peanut butter (yes, we’ve been giving it to him since five months, but that’s a topic for another day), etc. Our pediatrician said we can basically give him any table food (cut to an appropriate size), except for honey. We still have to get more comfortable with all of this, especially the swallowing part, so we aren’t going too crazy just yet.

Oh, and he has two teeth that have now broken through his gums! His bottom two teeth came out of nowhere, it seems. This past Saturday, he was sucking on his bottom lip a lot, so I happened to check and there was a little tooth poking through! The second one broke through a few days later. He hasn’t been acting any different lately, so I was quite surprised. Of course, he has been putting everything in his mouth and drooling more the past couple of months, but I still thought it would be a while longer. This is exciting for us! You can hear his little teeth scraping against his apple slices as he gnaws on them. It’s so cute.

In other news, I am SO happy with our Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair. It looks modern and chic while still being super easy to clean and ergonomic. Plus, Brecken will be able to use it for years to come because it transitions into a regular chair as the child gets older. (Even adults can sit in it!). It is 100% worth the investment, in my opinion, just make sure you get the full set with the baby seat and tray.

Physical Development

Brecken started rolling front to back consistently just before four months, but he still doesn’t roll back to front. He’s sooooo close, though! Around five months, he started sitting up a little more, but he was leaning heavily on his arms (“a supported sitter”). After a couple more weeks, he was sitting up and relying less on his arms. Now, he sits up independently for long periods of time without leaning forward at all. It’s just crazy how quickly things change when they are this little!

He’s also working on crawling right now. He pushes himself all the way up on his arms, and he has the leg movements down. Now, he just needs to figure out how to combine them and become mobile. We practice by doing tummy time and putting a fun toy (usually with noise and/or lights) about a foot or so in front of him. We encourage him to try to get it himself. He certainly makes a valiant effort. The other night, he actually managed to move a few inches forward all by himself!

He still loves standing, too. We went from holding him up to stand in the early months to him standing up on our own and using our hands as support. He moves his feet forward, too, but he definitely does not have the balance to begin walking yet. I’m sure that will be here before we know it, though.

I almost forgot… He also reaches his arms out to be picked up now. Swoon!


I think it goes without saying that he loves anything that lights up and/or has sound at this point.

He also LOVES his Finding Nemo Jumper, which we got from Target. It’s so much fun for him. He just stands and jumps away in there. He is also at a point where he plays with all of the toys on it, too. (Bonus: We just love Disney!)

Can bath time be considered play time? Sure can! (If your baby likes baths, of course.) Brecken has so much fun taking baths. We recently got him this seat for the tub, and it works great. He loves playing with all of his bath toys, like these Sea Buddies and his bath books, and splashing around. This seat lets him do that without us worrying about him getting hurt. It doesn’t move at all in the tub. He outgrew this bath seat, but it worked very well up until him getting too big for it. I highly recommend both, depending on your baby’s age and size.

Lately, he’s been playing with these blocks. The first thing he does is grab the container and empty it! (Again, so cute.) We then have him pick up different blocks or take them from us. We do this kind of quickly so he can work on hand-eye coordination. As I mentioned above, he is really good at grabbing and bringing things to his mouth.

Have you heard of Slumberkins?! If not, you should totally check out their website. They are the softest, sweetest, cutest stuffed animals, but they also help teach about things such as coping with change, mindfulness and self-esteem. Adorable stuffed animals with intention?! Yes, please! We have almost all of them (whoops!) because I just couldn’t resist. Brecken loves cuddling with them. It’s still a small company, so they often have limited edition options and items do sell out, so always grab one you want when you see it.

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We decided on daycare as our primary means of childcare. This could, and likely will be, a topic that I will go into more detail on later, but, overall, it is going very well. I am really happy with the daycare itself. Brecken’s teachers are all so sweet and caring. They are always raving about Brecken and what a great baby he is. (Hearing that really makes this mama’s heart explode!) We have a pretty nice routine going on. Matt wakes Brecken to feed and change him (clothes and diaper) around 6am before he leaves for work. Then, Brecken goes back to bed until I am ready to get him around 7:15am. Brecken always used to sleep during that time. Now, it’s 50/50 between him sleeping or him talking quietly to himself. I have never (not yet, at least) woken up to him screaming or crying, thankfully. If I hear him talking to himself when I wake up, I will grab him and bring him in our room where he’ll lay on our bed while I get ready. I drop him off at daycare about ten minutes from our house and then I head to the train. Between my mom and Matt’s mom, he is picked up early 3-4 days a week. One day of the week he is picked up between 11am-12pm. The other days he’s picked up between 3-4pm. It been working out really well this way, and the grandmas love their special time with him. He even gets dropped off at our house sometimes, which is not necessary, but much appreciated. They are such a huge help to us, and we are so very fortunate to live within ten minutes of both sets of our parents (which was a big reason for us to stay in the area when we bought our house, aside from loving our town anyways).

The biggest and perhaps most well-known downside of daycare is, of course, the germs. We are getting through them, though, and will all *hopefully* have even stronger immune systems as time goes on. So far, he’s been sick twice. I’m hoping that being on the verge of spring means that the worst of it is over.

Overall, Brecken is still one happy baby… unless he is hangry or overtired (which he definitely gets from me, ha!). We look forward to watching him continue to develop and grow right before our eyes. We are especially excited for our next vacation coming up in about a month. This time we’ll be having some fun in the sun, and we can’t wait to get him into a pool since he loves bath time so much!