Snow Day!

Winter Storm Mateo is giving us a big heaping of snow here in Chicago! Mommy, Daddy and Brecken had a snow day today. How awesome that it’s Friday, too! I had lofty goals to do some serious house cleaning, but, as usual, that definitely didn’t happen. Whoops. Instead, we spent time together. (I did at least do the pile of dishes in the sink.)ย Even though it has already snowed this season, though nothing like this, this was Brecken’s first time really being out in the snow. We decided to test out his new bunting that we got for our upcoming trip to Montreal. It’s the 7AM Enfant Doudoune. It’s water-repellent, temperature rated to -4*F / -20*C and the bottom half can be snapped into either a sleeping bag style or two legs. It also has a little built-in scarf! It’s so cute and cozy.

What a great day! I look forward to an evening by the fire and some take out for dinner.


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