mamaRoo, We Love You!

The mamaRoo is one product that I see moms asking about all the time. To be honest, I see mixed reviews. It’s not a product issue, though, because it’s an excellent product, in my opinion. It’s a usage issue. It’s a love it or hate it thing, at least from the baby’s perspective. Well, I’m here to tell you that we LOVE our mamaRoo, and we are still using it at five months old!


My sister, Michelle, actually gave us the mamaRoo as a gift for our baby shower. (So generous!) This super high-tech swing offers five different swinging motions, including “car ride” and “tree swing.” You can further customize the movement with five different speed settings. The mamaRoo also plays four different sounds, like a fan or ocean, or you can connect your own device via AUX and play whatever your heart desires. (I highly recommend checking out the Rockabye Baby! albums. They turn modern-day music into lullabies.)ย Guess what?! You can control all of the setting from your phone via bluetooth! I bet you are thinking, “Why would I need to do anything from my phone?!” I thought the same thing until I picked up a fussy Brecken from the mamaRoo, walked away forgetting to turn it off and sat down on the couch to calm him down. Bingo!!! I used my phone to turn it off, so that I didn’t have to disturb my now peaceful baby.

The biggest reason I see moms not recommend the mamaRoo is because their baby just didn’t like it, which is totally understandable. All babies are different, and, naturally, some do better with certain things over others. In our case, Brecken LOVES this thing. We started putting him in it right away, though we didn’t actually turn it on until a little later. Did that help form a lasting love? Maybe. I’m sure it didn’t hurt. He has fallen asleep swinging more times than I can count. The mamaRoo has really been a go-to for us on a daily basis. If we knew he needed a nap but he was fighting it, a few minutes of swinging would easily knock him out for a long snooze. As I mentioned, we still put Brecken in the mamaRoo and he’s five months old! The movement helps him to fall asleep if he’s resisting the urge. I’m actually getting sad because I know he’ll be outgrowing it soon.

The bottom line: ย I highly recommend getting this and using it from the very beginning. Be sure to get the infant insert, too. If you are worried about your baby enjoying it, just save the box until you know for sure.

Grab your mamaRoo here! Bonus… there’s a $20 off coupon right now and free (fast!) shipping with Amazon Prime!

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